Masterclass Workshop Vladyslav Sendecki & Juergen Spiegel

Music is one, there are no wrong notes, just unpassionate and meaningless ones, music is ( should be) the deepest exchange of personal emotions…

Two Artists Instrumentalists, Composers and Music Teachers classically educated ( both are working at the Music Academy Hamburg ) are on the Concert Tour in Japan and China, promoting their new Album „Two in the Mirror“.

It would be an exceptional challenge to meet these two and experience what they have to give to the younger generation of musicians.
These Workshops are about very main aspects of composing, improvising, working collectively in the creation of music in solo, Duo or ensembles…. we cover construction of melodical lines , harmonies, rythmical structures, Emotions, Tensions , energies, Forms, bringing the proper shapes to the songs, compositions of any musical Esthetics, All this from a broad perspective, free of stylistical chains and pseudoobligation.

Getting from Point 0 , over artistical values to the perfect Product which should reach the audience and be succesful ….

Concert and workshop tour in china and japan with chinese musician Yazhi Guo ,

Jürgen Spiegel Drum Workshop:

My Drum Workshop is a workshop about being a drummer, musician and fellow musician. Suitable for drummers who want to make progress and grow as musicians. For you who want to, get new inspiration, find motivation and new tools for your development within drumming. Live and breathe drums and music ,My Drum Workshop mixes exercises with lectures and coaching. You will get an insight into how you can “Think right!” to be able to excel and make progress. You will learn how you can act as a fellow musician and you will learn more about finding awareness and the sync as a part of the band’s engine. In this Workshop you’ll meet me who will help you to improve your technique, timing, coordination and groove.
And of course we will have a fantastic time when we do what we love to do; play drums!

Vladyslav Sendecki to Piano and Keys Players

Being supportive to the players, means to be an architect of the music you play. A Balance between creative comping and soloing. Manual exercises, proper physical attitude making you sound good on the piano and have no technical limitations. Getting independency into your manual system.
Harmonic stretching, creating moods, working with drums, be influential and get influenced.
Play Music means play with the Music

Online workshops and realization:

We have the possibility to give online workshops from a studio where we can interact with students all over the world. Here is a small example from the Romanian university with jazz students in the online workshop.

A small photo documentation for our workshops in China and Japan